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Monday, February 8, 2010

Various Types Of Computer Addiction

Various Types Of Computer Addiction
There are so many types of computer addiction that it is difficult to pinpoint which is responsible for the most addicts. There are several however that seem to be more of the common types of computer addiction.

They are online games, which consist of multiplayer games via the internet where people assume a character and play against other people around the world. Then there are internet chat rooms. These can include conventional chat rooms as well as chat software such as MSN Messenger and Yahoo Messenger. Online shopping and auction addiction is one of the most destructive types of computer addiction. This can obviously cost the addict not only their time, but their money as well.
All of these types of computer addiction will be briefly discussed in this article.

Online games such as World of Warcraft and Everquest have millions of players worldwide. Most of the players enjoy a casual game after school or work or on weekends. A small majority however has become alarmingly addicted and spend upwards of 12 hours per day playing the game. There have even been reports of people not eating or sleeping for days on end because they do not want to leave the computer.

Chatting online is fun for millions of people. Again, there are a few in the minority who choose to allow chatting online take the place of talking to people in the real world. This in turn makes the person become even more anti social as they lose all real world social skills. This type of computer addiction can have a drastic effect on a person?s personality and health.

Online shopping is another type of computer addiction. Online shopping can put a person in debt in a matter of seconds. They begin using their credit card for small purchases. These small purchases then add up to many thousands of dollars on their credit card. The advent of EBay and accessible online shopping makes this form of computer addiction a very easy one to fall into, and a tough one to fall out of.

As you can see there are many forms of computer addiction. I have only mentioned three here but I believe these are three of the very most prevalent types of computer addiction.

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