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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Indonesia’s chain-smoking baby has kicked the habit.

Source: NewYork Post
When Aldi Rizal was 2-year-old
Aldi Rizal Now A Days

Smoking baby quits 40 cigarettes per day habit
When Aldi Rizal was 2-year-old he became world famous for his 40 cigarette per day habit.
That’s the good news. The bad news is that he’s a junk-food junkie, packing on some serious pounds!
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Now 6 years old, Aldi Rizal has traded in his cigarette habit for a junk food addiction.Photo: Barcroft Media
Aldi Rizal made world headlines three years ago, when pictures and video emerged, showing him as an infant, puffing away in a 40-cig daily habit.
Now 5, the not-so-little Aldi has traded one unhealthy habit in for another, according to The Sun newspaper in London.
He’s up to four stones – 56 pounds - on an unhealthy diet of junk food  and condensed milk.
“He eats a lot,” his 28-year-old mom Dians said. “With so many people in the house it’s hard to stop him getting food.”
Loved ones are now trying, again, to steer Aldi the right direction, by feeding him a steady diet of fruit and vegetables.

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