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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ufone Introduces Micro SIMs

Ufone has launched Micro SIMs, first time in Pakistan, used for iPhone 4, iPads and products / brands that require micro SIMs.

The new iPhone 4 and iPads are designed as such that they support only new generation of Micro SIMs, other global brands are also planning to launch products that require these phones.
These new SIMs function as normal standard SIMs and have the same capacity, the only difference is the smaller Chip Size. These new SIM will function on all products requiring micro SIMs.
SIMs will be charged as per exiting rates inclusive of tax:
  • New Sales: Rs.150
  • SIM replacement: Rs.50
Terms & Conditions:
  • These SIMs are designed for IPhone, IPads and all those product that require micro SIMs
  • Any customer can purchase these SIMs from any of the service centres.
  • SIMs are available in limited stock only.
Via Propakistani

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