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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Private Number Plates

Although has information and articles on all aspects of vehicle registration numbers, the main focus of the site is definitely Private Number Plates and personalised registrations. All the information you need regarding the legal display of number plates, and details of the various registrations systems that have been used in the UK over the years... but we hope you'll also enjoy some of the more light-hearted and fun content we have compiled for you.
The members are obviously the dynamic force behind any successful community, and is no exception. We rely on you to get involved and to share your stories and pictures. If you have a set of private number plates you are proud of, or that you think may interest or amuse other members, then please do let us know, either by leaving a note in the forums or by email.
In fact, our forums are perhaps the most interactive area of the website. You can speak with like-minded individuals who share a mutual interest in car registrations. If you have a question that you'd like answering, or if you've spotted a particularly fancy registration, then why not sign up and post a message on our forums? You're sure to enjoy the banter and helpfulness of our extensive member base.
Reg Plate N8 DDHOne thing we're very proud of is our extensive history of the British number plate system. Since the system started in 1903, it has never failed to grasp the fascination of the British public who enjoy the beauty of a top-notch registration as well as coming up with combinations for new private registrations. We've thoroughly researched the history behind registration numbers and are very proud of our unique historical information.
There's also an exclusive members gallery available on the website, allowing you to show off your cherished plates on the website for other enthusiasts to see. Simply head over to our Members Gallery section and submit a photograph of your plates via email. Whether you have a "number one" or a standard DVLA number plate, we want your picture for our members gallery!
If you have a particularly good registration, you may like to appear in our 84-page glossy colour magazine. With a circulation of over 40,000 copies every three months, it is absolutely unrivalled in the industry and contains exclusive celebrity interviews alongside articles and information on private number plates. is run by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. The team here will be adding their own photos and number plates anecdotes, but that will be enough about us! It's you we'd like to hear about.

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