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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Internet Computer Addiction Among Teens

Internet computer addiction among teens is a growing trend. Unfortunately it is not a positive trend, but a negative and often destructive one that can have a major effect on not only the teen internet computer addict, but his or her family and friends as well.

The internet and computers are almost a necessity for a teenager who is going through high school. Even kids in lower grades require computers to type and research assignments. In this information age, if you don't have a computer you will be left behind.

So how does a parent combat internet computer addiction among teens without completely confiscating the equipment? That is the challenge faced by parents of teens who are suffering from computer and internet addiction.

Internet computer addiction among teens can range from being addicted to games to spending hours upon hours in chat rooms living out a fantasy life. The internet is often an escape for teens who feel they do not fit in with the 'real world'. Online, teens can be whoever they choose. At the click of a mouse, they can dive into another world.

Unfortunately for a minority of teens, this sort of role playing turns into a full on addiction. Teen internet computer addicts can spend every waking hour in a chat room or playing a game. They often stay up all night and will forego social and family events so they can use their computer instead.

In the worst cases, teens will quit school or college in favor of their computer and internet addiction.

Computer internet addiction is similar to other addiction such as smoking and alcohol. The symptoms can include mood changes, withdrawal, anger and impact on social relationships.

Preventing and ending internet computer addiction among teens can be a challenge. .parents can act with due diligence by trying to limit hours spent on the computer. Encouraging the child to take up other hobbies will in most cases sway their attention from the computer.

There is an organization set up solely for this cause called the The Center of On-Line Addiction. They have treated many thousands of teens and people of all ages with computer addiction.

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